Caswell Beach 2023 Beach Monitoring Report

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Coastal Protection Engineering is an engineering firm that the Town of Caswell Beach contracts with to monitor the health and erosion rate of our beach.  This engineering firm supports government clients and waterfront communities with projects that restore, manage, and protect coastal resources and upland infrastructure. They provided consulting services with a comprehensive understanding of overall program management, including beach nourishment, dune restoration, coastal processes, inlet programs, waterway maintenance, coastal structures, storm impacts, funding opportunities, intergovernmental coordination, and the environmental protection.

The engineers at Coastal Protection Engineering have completed the draft Caswell Beach 2023 Beach Monitoring Report. The findings of this report were presented to the Caswell Beach Board of Commissioners. That presentation and report are available below. 


Please follow this link to the Town of Caswell Beach's Beach Monitoring website for detailed information such as the 2023 Beach Monitoring Report and Presentation.